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Compex Energy mi-READY

  • $425.00

mi-READY: The optimal efficiency and unparalleled comfort of electrostimulation as. The muscle intelligence ™ technology is preinstalled on this electro. The mi-SCAN function is activated in the moment in which the mi-SENSOR is connected.


Thanks to the capabilities of the muscle intelligence ™ technology preinstalled, COMPEX ENERGY mi-READY ™ has an evolutionary character. You can adapt automatically to your physiology and needs if you buy the mi-sensor. Ensures effective and secure sessions.

  • Choice of 7 work areas for specific stimulation tailored to each part of the body.
  • Product upgradeable using the mi-READY technology preinstalled (with purchase of mi-sensor). Functions of technology my: mi-scan.
  • 3 levels of work to evolve and progress with each session.
  • 4 stimulation channels for complete work sessions.
  • 3 program categories: sport, health and beauty.
  • LCD display with backlight for easy readability in all circumstances.
  • Connection system “Easy Snap” that connects the cable to the electrode with a simple pressure with one hand, even in the back.
  • Button “i” increases the energy in several channels at once.

Other key strengths of the COMPEX Energy mi-READY

  • Belt clip: This “hands-free” kit will let you move freely during the electro stimulation session. Use only with low-frequency or TENS programs that do not require particular restrains.
  • “Easy SNAP” connection: This push-button system, simplifies the connection of the electrodes, in particular when reaching for the back or the neck.
  • “i” Button: Simply press this button to increase the work intensity of the 4 channels simultaneously.
  • Back-lit display: For easy viewing and good readability in all situations.
  • Fast charge battery: Under 90 minutes of charging for up to 15 hours of battery life.
  • An Internet site dedicated to starting the use of your Compex Energy mi-READY device so that you can discover on line the principal functions, tips for use, all with accompanying videos.

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