Therapeutica Spinal Back Support

  • $140.00

Back pain is something that most of us will encounter at some point in our life. Good back health is an important factor in the relief and prevention of back pain. Correct posture plays a vital role in the health of your back. In seated posture your spine is under increased stress and maintaining proper spinal alignment is vital for correct posture. When viewed from the side a correctly aligned spine contains an β€œS” curve. A back support needs to consider the spine's contour, the user's size, freedom of movement and the support needed for provision of relief and prevention of back pain and fatigue. The Therapeutica Spinal Back Support has been ergonomically designed to consider all of the above criteria.


  • Ergonomically designed to conform to the natural contours of your spine while supporting your spine properly
  • Shoulder blades and arms are free for unrestricted movement
  • Aids in the prevention and relief of back pain and fatigue
  • Promotes greater comfort in seated posture Unique but simple fastening system allows easy fastening to any kind of seating
  • Use in home, and office
  • Custom manufactured foam is molded around a polypropylene insert and then covered with a fitted fabric cover
  • Provides therapy while you sit and therapy while you work
  • Five-year warranty to retain shape and resilience
  • Available in 3 sizes for a custom fit: Petite Back, Average Back, and Tall Back

Product Size:

Petite: 23"L x 18"W x 4"D
Average: 25.5"L x 18"W x 4"D
Tall: 27.5"L x 18"W x 4"D

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Theraupetic back support

The reason I bought one was because my chiropractor's office has them in the waiting area. The first time I sat on one, I couldn't believe how comfortable it was.

This back rest is just what I needed!

After "window shopping" online for a while, I finally settled on this back rest. I appreciated the image to help select the right size for me, and compared to other ones I looked at, it just seemed like the right style, and right functionality for the price. I'm very satisfied with my purchase and would recommend this to anyone who spends most of their day in a chair.

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