Trust Care Let's Fly Rollator

  • $650.00

Let’s Fly is one of the most distinguished walkers in the world today when it comes to design and function. At one of the largest aid-related exhibitions in Germany, it was selected as the most beautifully designed product at the exhibition. This Outdoor rollator is made out of solid cast aluminum and can be associated with the most extreme designed products in the world. It is both lightweight and sturdy.

The rollator is kept unfolded by a lock under the seat. To fold the rollator, lift the seat from the hole in the middle. The lock is then released and the rollator folds up. To unfold the rollator, press the seat down. The seat on Let’s Fly is made of brown artificial leather with a beautiful white seam. It is soft and comfortable to sit on, yet water resistant and durable. The strap in the middle is used when folding. When the rollator is folded it is only about 20 cm wide, it stands by itself and is easy to take with you. The bag that comes as an accessory is also easily folded together with the rollator.

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Customer Reviews

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Jean Ward
I Can Fly

The Rollator is light weight and moves smoothly over rough surfaces. I am delighted with it ... plus I have a very stylish "RED" one. Justin was a very helpful with the demonstration and delivery. Thank you. Jean


I was looking for a lightweight walker that I could load into my car by myself and this one is perfect.It is very lightweight but sturdy and has a very sleek design that doesn’t take up too much room.The wheels are a nice size and grip well on smooth surfaces.It is very easy to fold and unfold and it sure looks snazzy on top of all it’s functional features.
I have 3 walkers and this by far is my favourite.

Dragana Brkic
Great choice

The TrustCare Let's Fly Rollator was a great purchase for my needs. And, it is absolutely beautiful and elegant. It is very easy to control, so easy to handle, that I just want to go out all the time. I feel relaxed and confident using it on the street, over the curbs, even few stairs and even on the lawn.
After 10 years of using several different walkers, i finally feel happy😊

Best shopping ever

I like the Let’s Fly Rollator it is very nice 👍 looking light and beautiful Justin was great an the phone over all the best thing thank you 😊

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