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Bunion Aligner, there's a problem she can't keep it for no more than a few hours.
The part of the bunnion grieves.

Great service

Order dealt with promptly and carefully. It’s a good product and just what I was looking for.

Purell wipes

Great product! Each one is wrapped individually and easy to tear open. No scent, except for the smell of rubbing alcohol which dissipates instantly. Convenient to always have a few in your pockets.

2"x2" Tan Electrodes (4 Pads)

Great product and packaging

Great product and packaging.

Very 👍🏿 good!

Stool- poor design

It’s not sturdy enough. It’s very light. I find it wobbly when you sit on it. You have grab both arm rests then you feel safe.

A great solution to keep my dr Ho working once the pads don’t stick

Evolution Walker Xpresso Series

Water pillow


Ultrasound Unit

Very happy with the unit. I have been in pain in my shoulder for Over 1 yr, after 5 treatments with the Ultrasound Unit it is almost back to normal.

All good! Thanks

Amazing Product

The US Pro 2000 2nd Edition Portable is a great product. We used it on my son’s injured leg and he was back on the ice in no time. Will recommend it to other hockey moms and dads.

Awesome customer service!!! The guy at the warehouse at hwy 7 n keele went above and beyond to help me!!! Very satisfied!!!! Thank you all so much!

Vedy good

These were a gift for my mother in law.
And she’s happy with them.

As advertised

Good product, easy to use. I wish there was an outdoor version

Fast deliver


Very good quality product and seems to work well.

Airgo Comfort Plus XC Premium Transport Chair

Excellent Device

Very flexible and well worth the price

Gift for my daughter

Bought this for my daughter for her neck pain. Fast shipping and good service.
Just gave it to her so she hasn’t tried it yet.


The stool arrived very quickly and was easy enough for a 71 year old woman to put together. The seat has a bit of a slant to it to enable you to stand easier with the help of the handles but not enough that you will slide out.

The legs are adjustable so you can easily set it to the right height.

The only flaw is that there was a small rip at the seam of the material on the seat at the back. I’m hoping the company will replace the seat however I haven’t had an opportunity to talk to them about it.

Love this Hot Wax Spa

I’m so happy that I purchased this hot wax spa unit. This is perfect for my thumbs which are both stiff and painful with Arthritis. The hot wax gets the heat into the joints and relaxes my hands. Especially at bedtime, this is so relaxing, and makes me want to go to sleep.
The unit is easy to set up. Put the new wax in at Night and it’s ready to start using it in the morning.
The outside of the container is not warm at all.
My physiotherapist has the exact same one at her clinic. I love it! 💖 Review Medals