1032 Theratherm Digital Moist Heating Pad Standard 14"x27"

  • $118.00

Product Summary 

  • Delivers intense, moist heat therapy which provides temporary relief from pain associated with arthritis, muscle spasm and inflammation caused by strain and tension
  • Intended for use on the back, shoulder, wrist, stomach, knee or foot; A lockout mode protects against inconsistent changing of settings throughout treatment
  • Includes a flannel covering which draws moisture from the air and as the heating pad temperature rises, the moisture is released onto the skin
  • Features an easy-to-use digital hand control that allows you to program and monitor the temperature and treatment time
  • Control the temperature between 88 and 166 degrees Fahrenheit (31 and 74 degrees Celsius) and select the duration between 1 and 60 minutes

Customer Reviews

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Theratherm heating pad

Completely satisfied with this product and service by the company! Would not hesitate to order again products from this company.

theratherm heating pad

variable temp, flexaible

Responsive, Friendly, Thoughful and Fast

I ordered two of these online from Spa Supply and not only did they pack them up for me, they were courteous enough to contact me to ensure that I had intentionally ordered two identical items! They arrived within 4 days of me placing my order! I would highly recommend Spa Supply!

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