IMAK Arthritis Gloves

  • $39.99

IMAK® Arthritis Gloves are designed to help relieve aches, pains, and stiffness associated with arthritis of the hands. In addition to being designed by an orthopedic surgeon, IMAK Arthritis Gloves have also earned the Arthritis Foundation’s Ease of Use Commendation for its design. 

The unique design of the IMAK Arthritis Gloves provides mild compression for warmth and helps increase circulation, which ultimately reduces pain and promotes healing.

The Arthritis Gloves are made of soft, breathable cotton material, meaning they are comfortable enough to wear all day and night. The open fingertips allow you complete freedom to feel, touch and grip, so you can perform daily tasks without issue.

Key Benefits:

  • Effective, non-invasive arthritis relief
  • Provides mild compression to help control or decrease swelling of the joints
  • Open fingertips allow freedom to feel, touch and grip
  • Soft cotton material allows skin to breathe and keeps hands dry
  • Comfortable to use all day and night

Use IMAK Arthritis Gloves to relieve arthritis, hand fatigue, cold hands and other types of hand and wrist pain. May also help with neuropathy of the hands and poor circulation.


  • Available in S, M, L

The Arthritis Foundation’s Ease-of-Use Commendation recognizes products proven to make life easier for people who have arthritis and other physical limitations. Independently tested by experts and evaluated by people with arthritis, Ease-of-Use products are easy to use by everyone. Independently tested by experts and evaluated by people with arthritis, Ease-of-Use products are easy to use by everyone.
The Arthritis Foundation’s Ease-of-Use Commendation identifies tested and trusted products.  Look for the logo when you’re shopping for anything from groceries to office supplies, gardening tools to cooking utensils, and exercise equipment to medication and other health aids.

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews

These gloves have been a wonderful help to me…I wear them at many times during the day for a couple hours at a time. I go to sleep with them at night. I’m very grateful to have them. The comfort level was unexpected…
Workmanship is excellent. I received my package before the expected date. Highly recommended for anyone with arthritic fingers, hands and even wrists.

So glad I purchased these

Love these gloves! Since everything to seems to be falling apart like my warranty is up since my 40th birthday a few years ago, I shouldn’t have been surprised when the occasional, mildly achy hands I’ve experienced for a while started to turn into all-day arthritis pains. I would have to go through a barrage of exercises in the morning the to “warm up” my hands so they hurt less.

Finally, after coming across some article suggesting arthritis gloves I decided to give them a try. It took a couple days before I saw the effects (wearing the gloves mostly around the clock) but when they locked in it was night and day.

I wear them at night and my hands don’t hurt in the morning. Throughout the day I wear them as often as I can and I’m not finding myself having to constantly rub and massage my hands.

I immediately ordered a second pair so I could have a pair when the others were being washed.

Whole-heartedly recommend them to anyone!

Glad of this purchase

Both my wife and I are quite enjoying these gloves. I have noticed a difference in the length of time I can work with my hands.

I am satisfied


Great Arthritis Pain Relieving Gloves

They do what they claim they can do and that's all I need. Thank you !!

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