M-Brace Vega Plus Patella Stabilizer w/ Hinges #41

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• Traumatic pathologies: instability of the patella, sub-dislocations of the patella, femur-patella arthrosis, fractures of the patella, post op (associated pathologies, patella + minor instability of collateral ligaments – product 41 only)
• Rehabilitation phase: provides passive support during rehabilitation, provides protection during sporting activities.


Knee brace for both right and left knees providing optimal support and protection following muscle, joint or tendon injuries in the region of the patella.

Constructed exclusively from breathable hypoallergenic fabrics (neoprene-free), the area which comes into contact with the skin is made of soft 100% cotton.

An exclusive handy locking system allows the required pressure to be varied in three different areas.

Featuring two unique C-shaped pressure pads which, when brought together as the brace is secured, surround and stabilize the patella. 2 low profile 2 mm super light rods, to keep the brace in place 2 multi-centric molded aluminum hinges (LATERAL and MEDIAL, product 41 only) for improved lateral support in cases of patella related pathologies associated with minor instability of medial and/or lateral collateral ligaments.

Customer Reviews

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Great support

I have a 15-year-old version of this brace, with the more flexible medial and lateral supports that is slightly small. I ordered the #41 M-brace to get the more rigid supports, and it hasn't disappointed. As a woman with muscular thighs, though, I measured and ordered according to the size guide and found that the middle adjustment over the knee was too large, making the brace not as supportive as it should be. I reordered a size smaller and it fit well, with no problems returning the larger brace to SpaSupply. Perhaps ladies' sizing should take into consideration smaller joint sizes rather than just relying on thigh size. I find it to be an excellent brace for medium-level activities (e.g., hiking on unstable ground, snowshoeing), until I can get my ACL repaired.

Ulana Zurakowski
Quick Delivery

I ordered this on the phone with Justin and it was delivered the next day!!

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